Preventing Parent Burnout with Jennie Owens and Deborah D. Gray

Preventing Parent Burnout–Restoring Fun and Balance
Interview between Jennie Owens and Deborah Gray.
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Jennie Owens, M. Ed

Parenting and Self-Care Coach
Canyon Lakes Family Counseling
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Our Children’s Stories

Often our children’s stories include heart-breaking realities. How do we tell that part to our children? Of, when they remember those parts, how do we help them to deal with the harshness and shame around of what happened to them? This talk will support parents as they support their children/teens. The talk will give practical scripts and suggestions when talking about addictions, sexual and physical abuse, poverty, mental illness and domestic violence. Our goal is to help our children/teens to develop a personal story as overcomers, inoculated against shame.

Children’s Attachments in Child Welfare: Seeing to the Heart of the Matter

This talk explores how neglect and abuse contribute to attachment problems–as well as how moves from parents/caregivers contribute to attachment problems. It provides practical ways that the courts can protect and enhance relationships in children’s lives, and ways to improve decisions about placements. It includes time frames when children must move.

Playing with our Children

Playing can seem secondary to all of the work that our children require. It goes on the “spare time” list. This talk looks at how play changes our connections with our children. We will also discover play’s potential to help children’s brain to become more flexible and attentive. This talk includes ways not to get stuck in control battles, leaving us time to play with and enjoy our children.

Help! How, When, and Who?


When should we get professional help? And, who do we go to for help? This workshop will describe various problem areas that our family’s face and when, where, and who to go to in order to receive assistance. This will be a practical discussion. The talk will include why we might feel some resistance when we are struggling in our relationships with our children. The talk will also cover when to change or when not to change to someone different when we are not seeing results in treatment.

Mental Health Issues and Adoption

Family Stability when a Family Member is Not Stable
What happens to families when their children/teens have lots of initials that describe their “condition?”  Do they fall apart or thrive? This main address is a frank summary of the reality of mental illness or learning problems —and the most helpful reactions in family members. The workshop helps families to position themselves to be inclusive, loving, and balanced.