Our mission includes providing quality information, support, and training for families and the professionals who support them:

Provide a Post-Graduate Attachment-Trauma Focused Therapy, intensive training program, of 84 CEUs so that professionals are equipped to specialize in attachment-focused therapy.

Participate in local and national movements for change in our child welfare system, enhancing the quality of services to children.

Create forums for on-line and in-person discussions of issues related to child welfare.

Train on the issues of trauma, so that parents and professionals provide a healing milieu and appropriate therapies for traumatized children,

Producing books and articles written to support families,

Providing Quality Training so that professionals and family members respond most sensitively and skillfully to children who have lost families, been moved between families, and are trying to form attachments.

Provide support and consultation groups and training for therapists and caseworkers so that they are using best practices in working with children who have complex problems due to early neglect, trauma, and attachment challenges.

Provide frank, practical information, through in-person trainings and downloadable information, for parents who are seeking information, more techniques, and a compassionate approach to the needs of their children.

Provide emotional support within consultation groups so that professionals form community and get ideas and information when they have problems that they cannot solve alone.